The Go-To Choice for Serious Anglers for Over 70 Years

Lyman Lures have been a staple for the serious angler for a long time…
there’s a reason that both pros and fishing enthusiasts in general stay stocked up on Lymans –

They bring in the big ones.

Pick up some Lymans today and find out for yourself!


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About Us

Lyman Lures fishing plugs are designed to imitate the erratic action of injured fish. The buoyancy and the weight distribution of the lure creates a darting action that has not been achieved in other fishing lures. These multi species plugs have been a staple for serious fishermen since 1947 and are known for Catching the Big Ones!

What People Are Saying About Lyman Lures

Last fall my buddy and I left town for a 3 day fishing trip on one of the remote mountain lakes here in the west Kootenays. On our way we stopped a the local fishing shop and something new caught my eye…a 4” Lyman plug in the Kokanee colour (model 98). So I bought 2 and away we went. Fishing was going really slowly. We were trying hoochies and “hockey sticks” but not having much luck. So I decided to try out my new Lyman. Within minutes of getting to depth I was into my first of 7 Bull trout that I eventually caught that day. I lent the other Lyman to my friend and he landed many fish also. There was no doubt that those lures saved the trip. Needless to say, my tackle box is now full of Lyman plugs. Trout can’t resist the action and realistic colours. Thanks to all the staff for such a great product and keeping a tradition alive!


Dan Grey, Rossland, BC

My friend, a senior pilot with a major airline, and I have been fishing for the famous cutthroat trout of Pyramid Lake north east of Reno in his new North River boat and in my Boston Whaler during the season on the lake for the last year .  I have been fishing the lake for 40 years and guided him in his new boat.  We have been using various trolling lures with good success, but the Lyman plugs, with green, red and yellow colors have consistently out fished the others.  Almost without fail we have caught fish over the 24 inch keeper length and many others in the 20-24 inch length that must be thrown back.   This lake humbles one when you must return a 23 3/4 inch cutthroat weighing over 5 pounds back into the lake. His best this season is a 15 pounder, me a 17 pounder.  Last week a fisherman I was speaking to at the boat ramp caught a 33 inch, 18 pounder on a Lyman and says that they are the only lures he will use.  Great lures that produce.


Al Knepper

Change is good! Although Lyman’s have been around for over 70 years I was always hesitant to use them as I had a “favorite” for many of the spots I fished already. What a mistake I made waiting this long to try them! From the interior lakes to the shores of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia the selection of 2” and 4” plugs have caught more fish than my old favorites. I started with the 2” sizes on Lake Okanagan (model 88 and 122) to target the large trout feeding on spawning kokanee and when I learned that the 4” work just as well for trout I add them into the mix. Fishing Shuswap Lake in the spring I use the 2” to imitate the salmon fry the hungry trout are feeding on. I tried the same philosophy on the salt chuck only to learn the 2” work there too! Whether you’re targeting large trout or salmon these plugs will help you catch more fish!


Derek Nyrose, Kelowna BC

I was introduced to Lyman Lures 20 years ago. I like hunting my fish by trolling, Fly fishermen would watch me reel in trophy rainbow trout in the okanagan…I catch a lot of trophy rainbows using Lymans.


Mike McColm, Kamloops BC

Just wanted to say “thanks” for putting out such a great Canadian product that absolutely slays on the water. Whether it’s Lakers in the Cariboo, trout in the Okanagan or salmon in the salt on the coast, your lures deliver!


Chris Bradford, Pitt Meadows, BC