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Lyman Lures vintage fishing lures

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Since 1947

Try not to feel anything when you fish. We bet you can’t…

Try not to feel the surge of excitement and anticipation of tricking this unique  species below the surface of the water. Try not to feel the heart pump and the rising blood pressure when you feel the tug of your rod or violent strike that is experienced .Try not to feel  the urgency of action of line peeling out and the sound of a screaming reel, knowing it could be a good one. We bet you can’t …

Whether  it’s targeting Springs and Cohos on the salt, tossing flies for Steelies and Cuttys on rivers and streams, being on a pristine mountain lake mending your line and anticipating that indicator to drop, or the sudden explosion of a big angry Northern Pike hitting your lure, Trolling deep lakes and reservoirs  for Big beautiful  Bows, Bulls ,Browns and  Macs etc ,and  the fury of a Big  aggressive Largemouth  breaking thru those lily pads and crushing that top water , the list goes on and on and on…Try not to feel the direct injection of joy, positivity,  serenity and well being of the outdoors , alone or with friends and experiencing nature and being close to it and  almost one with it…we bet you can’t…

If you have experienced any of these feelings, you can close your eyes and get right back there and you know you need to experience these feelings again and again. We understand you, We belong to the same tribe and we are lucky to be  part of the one of the oldest  and greatest sports and pastimes in the world…Fishing.

This is why we do what we do. We love everything about it and have been doing it since 1947. Lyman Lures have caught a lot of fish for over 70 years, making this special fishing lure a staple in a lot of angler’s tackle boxes. Thank you for choosing Lyman Lures as one of your favourite fishing lures.

Enjoy Great Fishing and Tight Lines.

Lyman Lures