4 Inch 4 Pack “A”


This item will be released at a future date.

Package Includes:

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  • 1x Model 14 True Blue
  • 1x  Model 29 Red Eye Shad
  • 1x Model 69 Shazam
  • 1x Model 82 Bleeding Black Dot Frog
  • 1x Plug Life Decal
  • 1x Lyman Lures 4″ Decal

No longer available for pre-ordering

Additional Product Info

This package includes:

MODEL 14 – TRUE BLUE – Bright Blue with silver sparkle, into silver with black dots.

MODEL 29 – RED EYE SHAD – Yellow body, grey scale back with orange/red eye and tail.

MODEL 69 – SHAZAM – Size 4 Black back with silver sparkle, silver side with Orange red lightning bolt and black belly.

MODEL 82 – BLEEDING BLACK DOT FROG – Size 4 Black Dot frog with orange bleed with Glow belly

These lures all feature:

  • 3D glow eyes
  • VMC double Treble hooks
  • UV Paint Protection

This package also includes:

Plug Life Decal

Lyman Lures 4″ Decal