Model 222 Lyman (Herb Speidel Design)


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The Model 222 is a  4″ custom plug, designed by lure designer, Herb Speidel from Revelstoke, BC.  It has a red lip, green scales on the back, silver body, gold cheeks with small black dots, red striped sides with a glow belly and 3D glow eyes. Herb has come up with some very unique and interesting customs. We wouldn’t have asked him if we could replicate if they didn’t produce, and they definitely  do just that. You will love this product!

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Additional Product Info

Lyman plugs are designed to mimic the erratic action of wounded bait fish. It’s the erratic and evasive action that triggers the strike. Use for Multi-Species Gamefish. Fresh and Saltwater.

  • Trolling and Casting lure
  • Use for Multi-Species Gamefish
  • Durable 2 part composite Plastic Construction
  • 3D glow eyes
  • Ultra bright glow belly
  • VMC double Treble hooks
  • UV Paint Protection


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